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Delivery of Your Lawsuit Loan

The simplest part of the entire process is distributing the requested funds to you from Titan Financial. We can overnight a personal check to your requested address, or directly wire the funds into your personal bank account.If you do not have a bank account, we are happy to issue you a cashier’s check and overnight it to you. At Titan Financial, our objective is to get you the funds you need in the easiest and quickest way possible.

After your lawsuit advance has been approved, we will contact you via phone and email with the great news. It is imperative that all information, such as your phone number and email address, is correct on your application.

After your approval, the lawsuit funding contract will be drafted and sent to you and your attorney. Both you and your lawyer will need to read, date, and sign where applicable. You’ll need to indicate the best way for us to issue you the legal funding, whether it be bank wire, personal check, or cashier’s check. After the signed contract is faxed or scanned and emailed back to us, the funds are immediately ready to be sent out to you. We will honor your request and disperse the money in the method you stated in the contract.

After Titan Financial has signed the appropriate portions of the agreement, we will fax a copy back to you and your attorney for your file. The amount of time this whole process takes truly depends on you and your attorney. Again, cooperation is key. The faster we get all the required documents, and the faster you and your attorney get the signed contracts back to Titan Financial, the faster we can get you successfully funded.

After initial funding, you may run out of your first round of advanced money before your case reaches settlement. If you’re still within the standard 10% of the total expected settlement, you may request more money against your lawsuit from Titan Financial. The process is shorter and even quicker the second time around, since we already have the necessary case documents and signed agreements. If everything checks out, we will be happy to advance you another round of money.

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