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Lawsuit Loan Process

At Titan Financial, our financing method is quick, easy, and effective. We are fast and efficient at assessing and processing your application. And because we know that time is money, we’re here to get you money in no time!

After you’ve completed an initial application, an attorney release form will be sent to you and your attorney. By signing this release, you are informing your lawyer that you’ve applied with Your Lawsuit Loans and allows us to confer with them about the specifics of your case.

It is imperative that all basic information on the application is filled out correctly. If we can’t get ahold of you for reasons such as wrong phone number, or wrong email, we have to put everything on hold, which will postpone the lending process. Cooperation from your attorney is of the utmost importance. If he/she doesn’t agree to release important information and documents, or won’t honor our potential lien, we will be forced to deny your application. Upon speaking with your attorney, we will discuss the specifics of your case and get all the information we need to make our final decision about approving or denying your case, and how much money your case warrants to be funded.

Exclusively for our records, there are standard documents that we may ask your attorney to send to us. These include but are not limited to: retainer agreements, police reports, accident reports, proof of insurance, initial complaint, and medical records. This information helps us to thoroughly examine what your case is worth and how much funding you may be approved for.

The details of your case will determine whether or not we can fund your lawsuit. Titan Financial has built a team of experts that analyze each case individually. If there is a great likelihood of recovering a settlement, then you may be approved for a lawsuit advance.

Cooperation from both you and your attorney is critical in the lending process. We’re here to help you. In order to speed up the process and quickly meet your financial needs, please stay contact with us and return any singed agreements to us as quickly as possible. The faster we can get through the simple application process, the faster we can get your money to you.

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