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Lawsuit Loan Testimonials & Reviews

“I would tell anyone looking for an advance to use Titan Financial. They have helped me and my family out many times. They are professional, caring, and understanding. They work hard to help you out. Your first step in a lawsuit is to call them.”

Herbert J. Martin, NY

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help. We women who have this horrible mesh know that it is ruining our lives financially, physically, and emotionally. If it weren’t for you and your company, I would be without a car, electricity, and other things I need. We have very little income and can’t afford extra things that come up like car repair, school clothing for our 6 kids, and more. You are blessing. Thank you so much!”

Joy Leon, CA

“Titan Financial is an excellent lending provider. I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. I missed work and fell behind on bills. I reached out to them and within 24 hours I had the relief of knowing that help was on its way. They provided excellent customer service, and I had hassle-free cash in 48 hours. Thanks so much Titan Financial you all are #1.”

L. Turner, VA

“Hey Titan Financial I hope and pray all is well with you and the family as well as the business, Fortis Consulting Group. My wife and I are very grateful for the lawsuit advancement assistance and are very appreciative of the service that you all were able to render.
We had been in contact with many different companies seeking assistance and were time and time again given the run around without consideration to the urgency of our situation. You were without question a man of of your word and a company able and willing to make some things that seemed hopeless happen, THANK YOU.
Frankly, you were able to exceed our expectations and we would be glad to recommend your services to anyone in our situation or in need of any other services you offer. I normally would not do this, but for the exception of finding rare integrity in the business world. May God Bless and Keep you, your family, your Co-workers, and your business. Give my regards to all and again. Thanks a million.”

Rev. David J. Tatum Sr.

“Titan Financial is a God-send. My family and I were in financial dire straits. We had gone through the mill with this loan company and that loan company.So we called Titan Financial,and not only did he get us a loan,but much more than anyone else had offered. Titan Financial- He’s good,fast,and he’ll stick with you even after your loan is complete.”
Thank you,

Linda and James Jenkins

“Dear Titan Financial,

“I really wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help and guidance through this whole messy process. Truly I was like a fish out of water when it came to this subject of litigation loans. I was so unsure of what to do and who to trust through this process. My attorneys gave me a couple names of lenders their clients had used in the past and I was very skeptical of them. One lender was from New York City and the other was Florida. Something in my heart was telling me maybe it was not a good idea. You see due to my son’s illness, I have large amounts of hospital bills and travel expenses racking up. I am a divorced mother supporting all children by myself, and I am literally up at night trying to figure out how I can “rob Peter to pay Paul.” I decided I would search out online lending and I came across Fortis Consulting/Lending Group. I sent in an easy online questionnaire, by the next day Stan had returned my call. I still was uneasy due to some of the other agencies getting back with me and being somewhat pushy and truly unsympathetic to my cause.
First thing Stan did was talk with me, and he asked me about the circumstances surrounding my case. After telling the heart wrenching story, first thing out of his mouth, was, “I am very sorry you have had to go through all of this and pray for your son.” This brought tears to my eyes and I knew I had found someone I could trust to walk me through this lending process. Titan Financial staff have been patient and very knowledgeable about the litigation loan process, I feel they have been completely honest with me. I would recommend them to others and wanted to let others know, I believe they are in great hands with these two. I felt at ease and know I can continue a great lending relationship with them. Thank you so much for your help!”

Heather Chapman

“Without reservation, I highly recommend Titan Financial to anyone who finds themselves in need of financial support while waiting on their settlement check. During a particularly difficult time for my 84-year old mother and I, we searched endlessly for a settlement loan company we believed might actually deliver what they said they could. As a researcher, I left no stone un-turned and was hopeful as I interviewed and investigated a notebook full of companies. However, my search was only to be met with disappointment and the realization that any immediate financial relief would likely end in long-term loss from the astronomical interest rates, hidden fees, and undisclosed terms found with each company. I had nearly given up when I found Titan Financial via the Titan Financial website. “

“Titan Financial’s interaction with me was completely different from any of the larger, national companies I had spoken with over the previous weeks. Although I was dubious after my recent experiences, I quickly realized his company was different. What began as a week of stress, anxiety and disappointment, ended with money being wired directly into my bank account. I could never have imagined the level of help we would receive as everyone involved went so far beyond the typical “call of duty.” Titan Financial worked around the clock to figure out a way to make things happen so we could receive the assistance so desperately needed. I can’t imagine that anyone else would have done what he did toward not only finding the funding, but in providing the emotional support we needed at the time. Our case and state of residence offered many potential roadblocks to making any type of settlement advance even work. Yet, Titan Financial found a way to make everything happen when we had nearly given up hope. “

“As one of the best testaments to Titan Financial’s honesty and integrity, I should note that he was able to actually change our own attorney’s strict policy against even working with settlement loan companies. They realized that he was far different from the other bureaucratic money machines from whom they often needed to protect their clients. I am certain that none of this would have ever worked with anyone else. Fortis Consulting and Titan Financial were exactly what I wished existed but had accepted simply did not. I am thankful I was wrong and took a chance with them.”

Dr. Dawn C.
Asheville, NC

“Although I still suffer from the physical damage of a negligent physician, the legal funding and help from Titan Financial made the process so much less stressful. I appreciate all of the hard work your company has done to help me get the funds I deserved. “

Peter Y.
Lancaster, PA

“I highly recommend the services of Titan Financial to anyone in need of financing with their lawsuit.”

Lilly R.
Austin, TX
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