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Lawsuit Loan Approval Factors

After meeting the basic qualifying requirements, there are a few key factors that Titan Financial needs to study and review before you can be fully approved for litigation financing.

We will investigate the total damages. This includes severe personal injuries, along with lost wages (both past and future), and medical bills. The theory of liability must be blatantly obvious. This means that there is little to no question that the defendant is responsible for all damages suffered by the plaintiff.

After declaring the defendant liable for damages, they must have an insurance provider with a policy whose limits meet or exceed the total amount of damages.

Assured that the defendant has the ability to pay your settlement, we review all other expenditures that are to be deducted from your total settlement. We check to make sure there will be a substantial amount of money left after attorney’s fees, medical bills, and any other liens that may be on your case. We require that you have retained counsel on contingency. We will not provide funding to those whose attorneys are working on a paid hourly fee or have been retained with a down payment. They must be rewarded from the proceeds of the settlement.

Titan Financial will review any previous lawsuits the plaintiff has been involved in. We need to be certain that no former litigation events will upset the result of your current case.

These simple factors can usually be reviewed over a brief phone call with your attorney. Call Titan Financial today to get started!

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