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Lawsuit Loan Payoff Amounts

If you just won your client’s case, congratulations! We want to express our appreciation to all of the counsel we collaborate with who oversee the reimbursement of funds borrowed against their client’s lawsuits. Whether you took the case to trial or settled for a fair amount, we are happy to assist you in the process of receiving your final payoff amount.

Feel free to contact us at any of the resources listed below to request a final payoff amount. After we receive your request, we will send you a final payoff letter expressing the final amount owed by your client.

Call-in requests may be made to:
Toll Free Phone: 877-222-4778
Direct Line: 843-333-5566
Faxed requests may be sent to:
Fax: 888-390-0457
Email requests can be sent to:

Additional Litigation Funding

Once again, we appreciate your cooperation and time. Should more of your clients find themselves in a similar financial situation, we would be happy to review their cases for potential need of our services. Since we already have an established relationship with you and your law firm, it will be easier and faster for Titan Financial to accommodate your client’s lawsuit advance requests. Simply give us a call and we will begin the process of pre-approving your clients.

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    If You Don’t Win Your Case,
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