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Lawsuit Loan and Legal Funding FAQ’s

Is lawsuit funding legal?

Yes! Titan Financial is licensed throughout the United States.

What kinds of lawsuits does Your Lawsuit Loans offer?

Titan Financial will review every case individually. We work creatively to fund certain cases that other lending companies may reject. You must have suffered an injury, whether financial or personal.We cannot provide lawsuit funding on cases that are exclusively for property damages.

How long until I get my money after I’m approved?

Titan Financial works quickly and efficiently to get the funds to you as soon as possible. On average, the funds can be sent to you in as little as 24-48 hours, with proper cooperation from your attorney.

Who will know I received a lawsuit advance?

We keep all of our client records confidential. The only people who are aware of the lawsuit funding agreement are the client, the attorney working that specific case, and Titan Financial.

How much money can I be approved for?

Titan Financial traditionally sticks with the standard of 10% of the total case value. This ensures that the client still receives a substantial settlement, and that the attorney’s fees are not compromised.

What about my credit?

At Titan Financial, we do not perform credit checks. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit at all, it will not affect your chances for obtaining a lawsuit advance.

How can a cash advance potentially help the client receive a higher settlement?

When clients are facing a personal injury, the case can take an excruciatingly long time to settle. It may seem like an eternity until clients see the settlement money or award from trial, yet their financial needs still must be met during this time. When clients do not have the funds to pay those bills, they may be pressured by attorneys to settle earlier, and for less money. When plaintiffs are desperate to pay their bills and are out of financial options, settling early may seem like the best action to take, even though it is not optimal. By accepting a lawsuit advance, clients are given the funds to pay for everyday necessities and have the financial freedom to comfortably wait for the settlement they deserve.

How do I pay off my lawsuit loan?

The cash advance is paid off when your case reaches settlement. The money is disbursed out of the proceeds, so no money is ever taken out of your pocket upfront!

What if my case loses?

If your case unfortunately loses, then you owe Your Lawsuit Loans nothing. We are a non-recourse financing company, so we carry the burden of risk, not you!

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    If You Don’t Win Your Case,
    You Owe Us Nothing!

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